Getting Started

Alice in Collab.Land

Our bot, is ready to take you to Collab.Land. 

You will need a Discord server to use Collab.Land.

If you don’t already have an existing server, see below for setup instructions.

Linking the Collab.Land Bot

  1. Sign in to Discord (if not already signed in)

  2. Click here add Collab.Land.

  3. Select a server.

  4. Add Collab.Land as an administrator. Please note

Important: To function properly, make sure Collab.Land role is above any roles it is managing (all token-gated roles). The best practice is to put it under the Admin or Mod roles.

Create a Discord Server

  1. If you don’t have a Discord account, go to to install and launch Discord.

  2. Once you open Discord, on the far left there is a list of channels. Scroll to the bottom and click to add a server.

  1. Select Create My Own or choose a template.

  1. Select For club or community or For me and my Friends.

  1. Name your server, then click Create.

Chatting with Collab.Land

Like all good bots, Collab.Land needs to be told what to do.

Once Collab.Land is added to your server, it will greet you and automatically create a collabland-config channel. We advise to keep access to your collabland-config channel limited as it contains privileged setup information. By default, the person setting up the bot has exclusive access. 

There are three ways to chat with Collab.Land, each which allows a unique set of commands.

  1. Admin Commands        Accessible only in collabland-config

  2. General Command        Use in any channel except collabland-config.

  3. Direct Command        DM Alice.

Collab.Land has two levels of privilege. 

  1. Admin        Configure token permissions. 

  2. Users        Send and claim tips.

Type !help in the collabland-config channel to get started.

Admin Commands

!help (Admin)

(Available exclusively in collabland-config)

Enter !help in the collabland-config channel to set up token features for the server’s channels.

Enter commands in the message bar at the bottom of the app. Some commands can be entered by selecting the appropriate reaction emoji

!setup role

Use “!setup role” in the collabland-config channel to set up token permissions and assign them to roles created in the Discord server settings. Alice will moderate up to 24 role configurations assigned to your channels based on token holdings and token behavior. Once set up, community members can enter !join in any public channel to participate in your token economy!

One or more tokens can be configured for each role. When more than one token is configured, a member only needs to meet the requirement for one of the configurations. The bot continues to monitor your member's token holding in regular intervals. If a member no longer meets the requirement, for example they transfer the tokens out of their wallet, the role will automatically be removed.

Roles must first be created in Discord server settings. Make sure Collab.Land is at the top of the server role hierarchy. It needs to be above any roles it will interact with.

Example of Discord roles:

Choose a Network

Collab.Land supports several blockchain networks for token permission roles.

Click on the reaction for the corresponding network to proceed.

Select a Token Type

Collab.Land supports multiple types of tokens for token permission access.

  1. Click on the reaction for the corresponding token type to proceed.

  1. Enter a supported token address, the minimum and maximum amount of the tokens required to access that role, and the assigned role.


ERC-20 Token Example



  1. After typing the address and min/max tokens the @ symbol will pop up a selection of available roles to choose from. Select a role.


If an NFT token type is selected, you can include a single or range of token ID’s. In the case of an ERC-721 token, you can add them after the role name. Configuring a token range would look like this <first token ID-Last token ID> Separated by a hyphen, with no spaces.

If using multiple token ID's for the same role, each ID or range should be separated with a single comma, and no space.

Example setup using a range of tokens, and a single token ID:

If done correctly, the Role Configuration should look like this:

  1. Confirmation of configuration is displayed after inputting the token address and access requirements.

Removing a Role Configuration

When viewing the Role Configuration, react with Remove Role.

Then, message !delete followed by the number of the configuration to delete.

A confirmation will be displayed.

!setup welcomeMessage

The welcome message will be DM’d to members by the Bot upon first joining the community.

Enter any message here, including links, to help your new members explore your community.

!setup snapshot

(Coming Soon)

!reset roles

(Coming Soon)

!reset snapshot

(Coming Soon)


To view a list of active token permission roles use the command “!roles”

!enable welcomeMessage

Enables the welcome message.

!Disable welcomeMessage

Disables the welcome message.

!enable backgroundBalanceCheck

Enables membership verification in regular intervals. This is enabled by default.

!Disable backgroundBalanceCheck

Disables membership verification in regular intervals. The bot will verify members once upon joining.

User Commands

Command Alice to connect your wallet, send tokens, and access your balance.


Enter “!help” in chat for a list of community features available to you.


To gain access to private token permission chat channels, users enter the command “!join” in the public channel to begin the process of connecting their crypto wallet.

The Bot will DM the member a link to connect their crypto wallet

Once a wallet is connected the Bot can determine if the member is holding the required token(s) to access private channel(s).

!tip (gasless)

Community members can send each other tips within the group without gas fees  by using the “!tip” command.

Enter !tip <@username> <number of tokens> <the token symbol>)

  • Example: !tip @username 0.5 DAI

  • This will tip 0.5 DAI to the member “username”

The Bot will DM the recipient to notify that a tip has been sent.

Members can DM the Bot the “!balance” command to view their total balance.

DM Commands

!help (in DM)

You can DM Alice to privately access your balance and process deposits and withdrawals.


DM the Bot to view your current crypto balance within the community.


Use the “!deposit” command to add funds to your balance without having to receive a tip.

Before sending funds from your wallet, make sure to update the depositor address by following the link.

Updating the Depositor Address

  1. Click the link to update the accepted deposit wallet address.

This is the wallet address you will be using to send funds to your wallet

  1. Pick from a selection of supported wallets

  1. Connect the wallet (MetaMask Example)

        4. Your wallet is now accepted and can send funds to the balance deposit address.


Use the “!withdraw” command to transfer funds from your balance to a wallet address.

  1. Enter !withdraw <token symbol> <true|false>

(Optional) (true = pay transaction fee from token value.)

Example: !withdraw DAI true

  1. The bot will ask to confirm which wallet address to send the funds.

  2. The bot will ask to confirm how much of the token you wish to withdraw.

  3. The bot will then display a summary of the withdrawal.

  4. Enter “confirm” to confirm the withdrawal or “reject” to cancel.

!tip tokens

Use the “tip tokens” command to display a list of tokens supported for tipping.

This can be entered in chat or as a DM to the bot.


During this promotional event, there are no fees for tipping within Discord. Please feel free to send tokens back and forth to any of your community members. 

However, if you move tokens to or from a crypto wallet address, you will have to pay gas, which is a mining fee required for all Ethereum transactions. Currently, DeFi projects are causing spikes in the cost, so we advise you do this in as few transactions as possible.

Our withdrawal UI is still being built. Currently, if you withdraw, there won’t be a warning. Gas cost will automatically be deducted from your balance. Make sure you have enough ETH, otherwise, the cost will be pulled from your existing token balance based on the token types used for that transaction.


A user has 0 ETH, and 1000 DAI, and tries to withdraw their full DAI balance. If the gas fee is equivalent to 10 DAI, then the user will receive 1000 - 10 (990) DAI.

If a User is using multiple tokens in the same transaction, the platform will attempt to withdraw tokens in the order they are used within the !withdraw command.