Getting Started

Below is a walkthrough on how to add and configure the Collab.Land bot for your Telegram group.

Also included are a list of commands group administrators and members can use to interact with the bot.

  • Click here to jump to a list of admin commands.

  • Click here to jump to a list of member commands.

Note: Screenshots have been taken from the Mac desktop application. The experience may be a little different on other operating systems.

Create A New Telegram Group

If you have an existing Telegram group, skip to Configure Your Group Settings.

  1. In Telegram, select the Messages icon in the upper right corner.

  2. Select New Group to create your new community.

At least one member will need to be added to your new group to proceed.

It is recommended to add the bot at a later time. If you add the bot now, you will need to manually start a conversation with it later.

  1. Add members to your group by:

  • Searching for them in the Search bar and/or selecting from your list of known contacts.

  • Select the button next to each name you would like to add.

  • Select Next.

  1. Add a name for your new group.

Optional: Add a picture for your group icon by selecting the Camera icon.

  1. Select Create.

Configure Your Group Settings

You'll need to make sure your group is set up to use the Collab.Land bot by editing your Group Settings. 

If you have an existing Telegram group, start here.

  1. Access your group settings by selecting your group icon in the upper left hand corner of the menu bar. You can also get to these settings by selecting the 3 dots and then Info.

  1. Select Edit.

  1. Allow new group members who join to see the full message history. This upgrades your group into a supergroup. By default this is set to Hidden.

  2. Select Chat History For New Members.

  1. Select Visible.

  2. Select Done in the upper right corner to save.

Adding the Bot to your Group

Add @collablandbot to your new group. Please enter this username exactly. Others may try to imitate the bot.

The bot will need to be added after the group chat history has been set to visible. If not, it will automatically leave the group and ask to have the chat history setting updated.

Once the bot is added to your group, it will announce itself in chat as well as send a DM to provide admin options for your group.

If you have added the bot while creating the group, you will need to DM the command "/start" to @collablandbot to begin setting up admin options.

  1. Select Add.

  1. Search for collablandbot in the Search bar.

  2. Select the button next to the bot’s name.

  3. Select OK.

  4. Select Add.

  1. Add @collablandbot to your group as an admin. Select Edit at the upper right corner.

  2. Select Administrators.

  1. Select Add Admin.

  1. Select Collab.Land bot. The bot should have these settings enabled:

  1. Select Done to save.

Group Admin

To access bot admin options, go back to your chat with @collablandbot, and either press the Start button at the bottom of the screen or type "/start" in the message composer.

  1. Select Configure Token Holders Group/Airdrop.

When returning to the menu later this selection description will update to Group Admin.

  1. From a list of your groups, select the group you want to configure.

If your group is not displayed, select Add Collab.Land To Group first.

  1. Once your group is selected you can:

  • Setup / edit token permissioned chat

Token Permissioned Chat

Token Permissioned Chat allows you to create an exclusive chatroom for members who hold a certain amount of your tokens.

One or more tokens can be configured in a group. When more than one token is configured, a member only needs to meet the requirement for one of the configurations. The bot continues to monitor your member's token holding in regular intervals. If a member no longer meets the requirement, for example they transfer the tokens out of their wallet, they will automatically be removed.


  1. Go back to your chat with @collablandbot, and either press the Start button at the bottom of the screen or type "/start" in the message composer.

  2. Select Group Admin.

  1. From a list of your group(s), select the group you wish to configure.

  2. Select Token Permissioned Chat.

  1. Select Add Token Permission Config.

The group invitation link will also be displayed here. Use this link to invite members to your group after completing the setup.

  1. Select the blockchain network where your token resides.

  1. Select the token type that will be used for your membership. Depending on which blockchain network you selected there will be different options to choose from.

  2. Enter the token address and the minimum number of tokens a member must hold to have access to the group.

    1. Example: 0xABCDED 5

    2. Depending on the token type, the bot may ask for the token symbol instead of an address, i.e. ALEX 5 or an event id for POAP, i.e. 270

  3. Your token permissioned chat is now set up. More token configurations can be added by following the same steps.

  4. Don’t forget to invite new members with the invitation link.

Note: Token Permissioned Chat only checks to see if members have the minimum required amount of tokens in their connected wallet. We never remove these tokens from the wallet.

Delete Config

After a token permission has been configured, the option to delete will appear in the menu.

Simply select the configuration you wish to delete.

Update TPC Onboarding Message

Select this to update the direct message members receive from the bot when they first join the Token Permissioned Chat group.

Disable Group Welcome Message

The bot has a default message in chat when someone joins the group. You can turn this on or off from the Command Center.

Disable Group Goodbye Message

The bot has a default message in chat when someone leaves the group. You can turn this on or off from the Command Center.

Connecting Your Wallet

To leverage the Collab.Land bot, you will be asked to connect your wallet to the bot so it may verify you are the wallet owner.

For administrators, this is so your community can use Collab.Land features listed in the Admin Functions section. For members, this is so you can access Token Permissioned Chat.

For best results, make sure you are on your Telegram desktop app to complete these steps and you have already downloaded and setup MetaMask.

  1. You should receive a DM from the bot with a button to connect when:

    1. Following an invitation link to join a token permission group for the first time

  2. Select Connect button.


  1. A new window or tab will pop up in your browser with a selection of supported wallets. Select a wallet option to proceed.

Note: MetaMask selections are to connect while on a desktop. For MetaMask Mobile please select WalletConnect.

  1. Follow the instructions to have your wallet sign the connection request from the bot.

  2. When the wallet is successfully linked, a wallet connected message will appear in the browser window. Return back to Telegram to proceed.

When joining a token permission group for the first time, return to your messages from Collab.Land and select the Join Group button.

Member Commands

Telegram commands that you can use with the bot and in your group.

These can be accessed by typing "/" in the message composer in Telegram, or from the / button on Telegram mobile.

Commands sent to @collablandbot in DM:

  • "/start": Pulls up the Collab.Land bot command center for you to configure your community's experience.

  • "/help": Displays a list of commands for groups that have tipping enabled.

Commands sent to @collablandbot in group:

  • "/help": Displays a list of commands for groups that have tipping enabled


Community members can send each other tips by using the “/tip” command

Enter /tip <@username> <number of tokens> <the token symbol)

  • Example: /tip @username 0.5 DAI

  • This will tip 0.5 DAI to the member “username”

The Bot will DM the recipient to notify that a tip has been sent.

Members can DM the Bot the “/balance” command to view their total balance.

/tip tokens

Use the “/tip tokens” command to display a list of tokens supported for tipping.

This can be entered in chat or as a DM to the bot.

Tipping Related Bot DMs


DM the bot the command "/balance" to view your current crypto balance within the community.


DM the bot the “/deposit” command to add funds to your balance without having to receive a tip.

Before sending funds from your wallet, make sure to update the depositor address by following the link.

Only transfer supported tokens all others will be lost.

Use the command /tip tokens for a list of supported tokens.

Updating the Depositor Address

  1. Click the link to update the accepted deposit wallet address.

This is the wallet address you will be using to send funds to your wallet

  1. Pick from a selection of supported wallets

  1. Connect the wallet (MetaMask Example)

  1. Your wallet is now accepted and can send funds to the balance deposit address.


DM the bot the “/withdraw” command to transfer funds from your balance to a wallet address.

  1. Enter /withdraw <token symbol> <amount>

Example: !withdraw DAI 0.5

  1. The Bot will then reply to confirm which wallet address to send the funds.

  1. To complete the transaction enter confirm or reject.