Integrating tokens for your community

Download and Install

On either Chrome or Firefox, go to to install MetaMask as a browser extension.

For more help with installation, please go to the official MetaMask guide.

As of 2020-Aug-10, MetaMask mobile apps are in beta mode. Collab.Land integrations might not work with MetaMask's mobile apps.

Viewing Community Tokens

If you're not seeing your group community tokens in your MetaMask wallet, follow these steps to add them:

  1. Open the MetaMask extension.

  2. Under the Assets section on the main screen, select Add Token

  3. You can search for the token in the Search bar. 

  4. If the token you're looking for is not there, select Custom Token. You can then enter in the Token Contract Address to add the token in your wallet. 

Please ask for the token contract address from the community admin for the most accurate information. Some other ways to find the token contract address include:  


If the community token is listed on Uniswap, you can search for it on Uniswap's info page.

  1. Enter the token name in the Search bar. 

  2. Scroll down to the Token Information section.

  3. Select the double overlapping squares icon next to the Address entry to copy the Token Contract Address.

  4. You can now paste this into the MetaMask Token Contract Address field.

Select the icon on the right to copy the Token Contract Address


You can also go to Etherscan and enter the token information in the Search bar to find the token contract address.

For more help with viewing your tokens, please go to the official MetaMask guide.