When connecting to the Collab.Land bot with a mobile wallet app, it is recommended to start the process from the desktop version of Telegram or Discord. Some mobile wallet apps have difficulty connecting directly from the mobile version of Telegram or Discord using a “deep link”.

  1. First begin the process by

            Telegram users, follow the invitation link provided by the community

                Note: This may be posted in a public group or website

            Discord users, in the server’s collabland-join channel, select the “Let’s go!” button.

  1. The bot will send a DM

            Telegram users, select the Connect button

            Discord users, select the “Connect Wallet” button



  1. The bot will direct you to a wallet selection page

Select WalletConnect

Note: If on a mobile device, you may need to open this page in your mobile browser.

  1. Scan the QR code

If on a mobile device, select your app instead



  1. Your wallet app will display a Connect message then a Sign message

Confirm both messages

    Note: Do not exit the app before the connection is signed and you receive a direct message from the bot. If you have exited the app before signing, you will need to start over from step 1.

  1. Telegram users will be given a message with a button to Join Group

Discord users will be given confirmation in the collabland-join channel. If roles are granted, they will be displayed here.