To claim your NBA Top Shot role you will be asked to sign up with Once signed up the Collab.Land bot will assign qualifying members their new role in the Discord server.

The JOIN button is now available!

We are extremely excited to release Collab.Land's new JOIN button feature for Discord. No need to keep server DMs on — the Collab.Land bot will NEVER DM you!

How it works

1. Look for the #COLLABLAND-JOIN channel.

2. Click the "JOIN" button, you will get a private reply message in the channel to begin. 

3. Click on the link in the private reply to start the wallet connection/verification flow.


Old JOIN Flow

  1. Enter the command !join in a public chat channel to get started. The bot will DM a link

  2. Follow the link.



  1. A new window or tab will pop up in your browser with a selection of supported wallets. Select NBA Top Shot to proceed.


  1. If it is your first time connecting with NBA Top Shot, you can sign up with Google or by providing an email address, password, and selecting Sign up. Otherwise, select “Already have an account? Sign in”

An email will also be sent to the provided address to be verified.



  1. You will be asked to provide a phone number to receive an SMS for 2 Factor Authentication. Select a country from the dropdown list, enter your phone number, and select Continue.


  1. An SMS with a 6-digit code will be sent to the provided phone number. Enter the code and select Continue.

  1. Select Accept to authorize.


  1. You will receive a direct message from the bot confirming you have claimed the role and can return to the Discord server.


If you receive the message “ERROR: Multifactor authentication required” try signing in again ensuring the box for “Remember this device for 30 days” is checked.

Cross-site Tracking

On Apple OS and iOS devices users will need to allow cross-site tracking in order to claim the role.

OS Safari Desktop Browser

Preferences ... -> Privacy : un-check "Prevent cross-site tracking"

iOS Safari Mobile Browser

Settings -> Safari (scroll down) -> turn off “Prevent cross-site tracking”

iOS Chrome Mobile Browser

Settings -> Chrome -> turn on “Allow Cross-Website Tracking”