Admins, if you or your members are receiving a role access error, please ensure the Collab.Land role is listed above any roles it will assign in your Discord server settings.

  1. Click on your server name and select Server Settings from the dropdown menu
  2. Select Roles
  3. Select the Collab.Land role
  4. Click and drag the Collab.Land role up to the top. It is ok to have Collab.Land below Admin and Mod roles

If a role configured with Collab.Land and is deleted, it will cause this error as well.

Use these steps to remove the configuration with Collab.Land

  1. Go to the #collabland-config channel

  2. Enter the !roles command

  3. Identify the deleted role like the image above

  4. Select the red circle reaction

  5. Enter !delete followed by the configuration number

Example: !delete 1