The Collab.Land bot supports connecting only one username to a wallet address.

When you get the “duplicate wallet” alert it means there is another discord user associated with that same public wallet address.

In almost all cases, this happens when a member changes their discord account, username or if multiple members are sharing the same wallet.

A public wallet address can only be associated with a single discord username.

You can reset the public wallet address to be associated with your username. This process takes 24 hours.

Wallet Reset with the new wallet connection page:

If there is already an account associated with the wallet address, you will get a page like shown below. You can reset the association by clicking the "Yes" button. You will also get a "Scheduled time for reset"(24 hours from submission).

For the communities still using the !join flow[will be deprecated soon] for connecting, 

The connection can be reset using the bot. Please try connecting again with the account. Collab.Land will send a direct message with an error. However, there will be a thumbs-up emoji reaction to select to submit a request to reset the connection. It will take 24 hours to process.

Any access gained with the previous connection will be disconnected. Once connected no other usernames will be able to connect with that wallet address.

Please ensure that allowed direct messages from server members turned on in User Settings to receive the message from Collab.Land.

If your community is still using the old !join flow, please upgrade to the latest No-DM flow.