Collab.Land has reduced its required permissions to the bare minimum. Please make sure Collab.Land bot has the following permissions:

- View Channels: To view Collab.Land channels and read the Collab.Land /slash commands used in the server

- Manage Roles: Required for Collab.Land bot to assign and remove token-granted roles(TGRs) configured with Collab.Land

- Manage Channels: Required for creating the #collabland-config(admin/mod channel) & #collabland-join(member channel). This permission can be removed after the channels are created.

- Ban Members: Member safety is a top priority for Collab.Land. The “Ban Members” permission is specifically related to keeping our communities safer from Collab.Land imposters. We ban users who name themselves Collab.Land or any variation of that to prevent scams and keep your community safe.

- Send Messages: Required for sending the welcome message in the #collabland-config channel and sending the "Let's go!"(join) button in the #collabland-join channel. It's also required for sending ephemeral messages for the "Let's go!" button click.

Remember to click the "Save Changes" button to apply the changes.