How to create a TGR based on token metadata traits, and values?

Metadata adds some extra data to an NFT in the form of traits and values which you can use to grant roles. If you view your token on Opensea, you will see this metadata, and the associated traits and values in the Properties tab under your token.

How do I use this information in the command center to create a TGR?

  1. Enter your token details in the TGR configuration screen as usual, and then click on the Attributes tab, and +Add metadata at the bottom

  1. Adding traits and values

    Using the above mentioned token as an example, we can see it has the following traits and values.

Trait: Background Value: Aquamarine

Trait: Earring Value: Gold Stud

Trait: Eyes Value: Sleepy

Trait: Fur Value: Black

Trait: Hat Value: Party Hat 1

Trait: Mouth Value: Bored

We can use any or all of these traits and values to create our TGR.

For example, if we want to create a TGR that will grant a discord role only if the member holds a BAYC with an aquamarine background, and a gold stud earring we can enter those traits and values in the Add metadata section. 

Currently this section supports both AND and OR conditions.

If you choose the AND option (default) then the member will have to hold one NFT with all of the trait value pairs which have been listed here.

If you choose the OR option, the member will have to hold one NFT with at least one of the trait value pairs which have been listed.

  1. Once you have added all of the metadata traits and values that you want to use, click on the Add Traits button, and these traits will be added to the TGR configuration.

  1. If you have finished adding all of the other token details, Click the Save button, and your trait based TGR has been created!