1. Kick the Collab.Land bot from the server by right-clicking on the bot. 

  2. Delete the #collabland-config and the #collabland-join channels from the server.

  3. Delete the collabland-admin role.

    1. Go to your server settings and click roles.

    2. Right click and delete the collabland-admin role.

Note: TGRs will persist even after the bot is kicked from the server, but background check will be disabled.

To re-invite the bot:

  1. Use this link to re-invite the bot. Please add the bot will all required permissions: Invite Link

  2. Manage your TGRs in the Command Center https://cc.collab.land.
    Your previous TGRs will auto-populate.

  3. collabland-admin role will persist, but will need to be moved to the top of all roles again. If you do not move the bot to the top of all TGR, you will get a bot configuration error.