How to verify asset ownership in Discord using Collab.Land

1. In the Discord server you would like to verify in, head to the #collabland-join channel. If you can not find the #collabland-join channel, check with a community mod or admin, it's possible the channel was renamed

2. Click on the "Let's Go!" button to begin the verification process

3. Read the instructions in the follow up message, and then click "Connect Wallet" when you are ready. The message that you will sign in your wallet should match the message that is shown in Discord here.  

4. If you have used Collab.Land before, your previously connected wallets will show here in the wallet delegation screen. You can simply select the wallet you would like to use for verification, and click "Verify" without having to sign a message in your wallet. If you have not used Collab.Land before, or you would like to connect with a wallet which isn't shown here, click on "+ Verify with a New Wallet"  

5. Select the wallet which you would like to connect with. If the wallet you would like to use is not shown, click on "Show All" to show all supported wallets.  

6. Once you have selected the wallet you want to use, click on the Sign Message button which will then prompt you to sign a message in the wallet you selected. Take a moment to make sure the signature message matches the message you received at the beginning of the process in Discord.  


7. If the connection process was successful, you will see a message saying that your wallet is now connected. Close this window and return to the #collabland-join channel in the Discord you are verifying in. Collab.Land will send a message in this channel telling you which role(s) you were given.