1. Be sure to create desired roles in Discord prior to heading to the Collab.Land Command Center Dashboard.

2. Next click +Select role and you’ll see a drop-down of pre-determined roles — making step 1 crucial.

3. Description is optional — a memo for yourself to easily identify your TGRs. For the sake of this demo, we are using Staking Membership Role.

4. Chain Type: Ethereum Mainnet is the first chain in the roll out. More chains to come — we will announce as they are added.

5. Token Type: Choose Staking contracts.

6. Staking Contract: Choose your contract from the drop-down.

If you are interested in adding your own community’s ETH Mainnet staking contract, please see here.

7. Balance or Attributes: You can create staking contract TGRs with either.

8. Hit Save. We did it!

9. A look at the TGR we just created in steps 1–8