1. For list of SUPPORTED tokens, use the command /tip tokens in any tipping-enabled Discord server

☠️ NOTE: If you send UNSUPPORTED tokens, your funds will be lost ☠️

2. To begin to DEPOSIT tokens for Discord tipping (this is the first step to depositing tokens): 

    a. Send a DM to the Collab.Land#6372 with the !deposit <chain id> command. 

    Supported Networks (chain IDs):

    1 = Ethereum Mainnet

    100 = xDAI (Gnosis Chain)

    137 = Matic (Polygon)

    Sample DM: !deposit 100

    b. Collab.Land bot will return the following message: 

Important to Note:


BEFORE depositing supported tokens, first ensure that "accepted deposit address” is updated. If it is not updated to the wallet address you are sending the tokens from, the bot WILL NOT recognize your deposit and the tokens will be lost ☠️


3. Type /tip send: 

    - CHOOSE the network from the drop-down menu.
    - ENTER the amount, token_symbo,l and the recipients.


4. Tips are sent to the recipients and the Collab.Land bot notifies them IN THE CHANNEL where the command was used.

5. Members can check the BALANCE of their tokens by using the /balance command in in any tipping-enabled Discord server.


6. To WITHDRAW tokens, send a direct message to the Collab.Land#6372 bot with the !withdraw command.

To withdraw, members will need network tokens (ETH, MATIC, or xDAI) to pay for gas. If the token has liquidity in Uniswap, then it can be used to pay gas.

  1. Enter !withdraw <token symbol> <true|false>


true = pay transaction fee from token value.

false (default) = pay transaction fee from network token

Example: !withdraw DAI true (transaction fee will be paid with DAI)

  1. The bot will ask to confirm which wallet address to send the funds.

  2. The bot will ask to confirm how much of the token you wish to withdraw.

  3. The bot will then display a summary of the withdrawal.

  4. Enter “confirm” to confirm the withdrawal or “reject” to cancel

    Support Questions about Tipping?
    Please send to Collab.Land Tipping Partner: