To verify you are interacting with the actual Collab.Land bot on Discord and Telegram, follow the steps below: 

In Discord:  

All interactions will come from Collab.Land bot Collab.Land#6372.
Please verify by right-clicking the username. 

The official Collab.Land User ID is 704521096837464076

Verify with Discord Developer Mode on - right-click the bot name, "Copy ID", and compare them.

In Telegram: 

Always double-check the real Collab.Land bot username is "collablandbot"
You can click on the bot profile to see the username: 

Always verify the URL of the connection page, the only official Collab.Land wallet connection page is

Collab.Land is a read-only application. When you sign a message, you attest that you own that particular wallet address. Collab.Land reads the public blockchain to verify that the wallet address is connected to the required token address to grant a role. There is no opportunity for Collab.Land to have access to anything other than your public wallet address, which is viewable to everyone.

⚠️ If you see a fake bot, then please report. 

In Discord: 

- Report directly to Discord by following the link below:

- Or you can raise a support ticket at for us to report on your behalf:

    1. Screenshots of the bot Discord profile with the full username

    2. A link to a message sent by the fake bot, you can get this by right-clicking on the message and selecting copy message link. 

    3. The server invite URL

    4. To report the website we need the URL of the malicious website, preferably sent in this format fakewebsiteurl[.]com

    5. If possible, please also provide its Discord ID number. This is an 18-digit number different than the username and can be found with Developer Mode on, right-clicking its icon in chat, and selecting "Copy ID"

Additional Crypto Safety Tip: Do not sign a message you do not understand.

Collab.Land messages are always human-readable and read-only. 
The message you get in Discord will match the message you sign.