If you have received this error, there is an issue with the Discord server settings preventing Collab.Land from functioning properly. Please contact the server administrator or moderator so they can update their settings.

Admins go to the collabland-config channel. Here Collab.Land will provide more details about the settings that need to be updated.

Note: If the collabland-config channel was deleted or renamed, please revert it back to collabland-config (a private channel only open to Admin/mods and Collab.Land bot). You can also remove the bot and add it back to the server with required permissions to have it create the channel.

You will see a message like the example below. Update your settings per the instructions then click the “Issues Resolved” button.

When all issues are resolved, Collab.Land will reply with a message like the example below.

Below are articles with more information about potential issues with server settings.