The new Collab.Land command center has a few more features that will be helpful to community mods.

  1. TGR (Token Granted Roles) Page

  2. This is the main page you will be using when setting up token granted roles with Collab.Land, to begin press the + Select role button.

  1. Once you have selected a role, click on it to enter your token details.

  1. Description: Optional description of your TGR, this is only displayed in command center and can be used for your reference.

  2. Chain type: Select the chain that your token is on from a dropdown list.  The available options are Mainnet (Ethereum), Rinkeby, Polygon, BSC, xDai, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Palm, Solana, Eluvio, Flow, Kusama, Nifty, Polkadot, and Tezos

  3. Token type: Select the token type of your token from the dropdown list.

    1. Note: When using ERC1155 token type, you must enter the token IDs for all tokens in your collection in the token ID section.  Token IDs should be separated by one comma, and no space.

  4. Address: Input the contract address of your token

  5. Balance: Input the minimum amount, and Maximum (optional) amount of tokens that are required to get the role.

  6. Attributes (optional): For NFT token types such as ERC721, you can add specific metadata conditions which must be met for the member to get the role. If your NFT contains metadata traits, and values you can enter them by clicking on the Attributes button, and clicking on + Add metadata. 

    1. Note: You can find the metadata traits and attributes for your token by looking at the properties tab of the token on Opensea.

  7. Once you have finished adding your metadata, click the Add Traits button

  8. Once you have added all of your token details, click the Save button and your TGR has been created!

  1. Bot Config: 

You can use this section to check that the Collab.Land bot is configured correctly in your discord server. Click on the Check Configuration button, if there are any errors they will be displayed here, along with links to resources to help you fix configuration errors. From here you can also disable the background balance check if you wish.




  1. Community Role Manager: Community mods now have the ability to check the role status of members in their server, and fix issues at the press of a button. Click on the Community Roles tab on the left, enter the Discord user ID of the member you would like to check the role status of and click the Check Discord Roles button. If there was an issue that prevented the member from receiving a role they qualified for, it will show up here in red, with a button to resolve the issue. This will re-verify the user, and should fix most role assignment issues.